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About The Film - Calm Before


A husband and wife on the brink of divorce are trapped in a lake house, and are forced to deal with their demons both real and imaginary.



 Gia and Shane book a stay at a house on a lake in hopes of healing their fractured marriage. The eccentric innkeeper Helen greets them and reveals a huge storm is coming. That evening, as the storm rages and the guests are trapped inside Gia begins to unravel. Secrets surface and memories Gia has tried to bury. It doesn’t help that Isaac, the private detective Gia has hired to catch Shane cheating, has also arrived at the inn to persuade Gia to leave with him. He’s convinced that Shane wants to hurt her. Flashbacks mix with the present and soon, Gia wonders what’s real and what isn’t. Who are the other guests at the inn? The ghost-hunting couple Alex and Casey, the teenage Wanderer who’s smoking in the bathroom, the sexy Mistress who’s handcuffed and crying in the hallway. And what about the envelope hidden in her luggage? Will it reveal the truth that Shane is cheating, or something more disturbing? As the storm continues, police enter. They received a call someone at the area is being held hostage. All guests must remain in their rooms until the situation is resolved. Gia hides in the bathroom where she opens the envelope and is shocked at what she sees. When she confronts both Shane and Isaac, the question is not who is the craziest, but who’s the real hostage.  




 Starring: Vanessa Ore, Michael Lombardi, David Bianchi, Karen Ambercrombie, Catherine Trail, Brad Coffey, Langston Fishburne and Darby Camp

Written and Directed by Tara Lynn Marcelle

Calm Before 2017 Teaser

Calm Before 2017 Teaser

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Calm Before Teaser

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